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Recent Press Releases:

Nasc host Roma event to mark International Day of Roma (April 2017)

Nasc concerned at high rate of visa refusals from Muslim countries (February 2017)

Joint Statement: Permitting pre-clearance to operate in Ireland may violate human rights (January 2017)

Nasc host its Annual Wine Tasting Fundraiser (November 2016)

Nasc host meeting to introduce new campaign to reunite families fleeing conflict (October 2016)

Nasc host One Stop Shop Event to discuss ‘Brexit’ and promote participation (July 2016)

Walk In Their Shoes to mark World Refugee Day (June 2016)

Nasc to host ‘Your Ireland, Your Vote’ Voter Registration Open Day (February 2016)


Nasc in the Media:

Concern at conflict zone visa refusals (Irish Examiner, March 2017)

Interview: High rates of visa refusals from Muslim countries (Wired FM, March 2017)

High numbers of Syrians and Iraqis refused family visas (Irish Times, February 2017)

Migrant fishermen claim continued abuse on Irish trawlers, says Senator  (Afloat, February 2017)

Irish trawlers accused of ‘alarming’ abuses of migrant workers (The Guardian, February 2017)

Fermoy students help to raise awareness of social justice (Evening Echo, January 2017)

Nasc Ireland – engaged for refugees and asylum seekers (Promosaik, January 2017)

City’s asylum seekers crying out for a voice (Irish Times, January 2017)

Refugees seeking family reunification face new obstacle (Irish Times, December 2016)

Demand for Nasc services rose in 2016 (Evening Echo, December 2016)

Deprived of humanity and respect (Village Magazine, December 2016)

Visa requests from Yemen, Eritrea and Iraq most likely to fail (Irish Times, December 2016)

News in Brief: Wine Tasting Fundraiser (Irish Independent, December 2016)

Nasc to host Wine Tasting Fundraiser in Cork (Irish Legal News, November 2016)

Nasc’s Legal Officer Majo Rivas on GNIB (96FM Opinion Line, November 2016) – at 1:55

Tears of joy as Syrian parents reunited with daughter in Dublin (Irish Times, November 2016)

We can and must do more to help families fleeing conflict (Cork Independent, November 2016)

No asylum in Ireland’s education system (Irish Times, October 2016)

Interview on direct provision and the implementation of the McMahon Report (Radio Kerry, October 2016)

New campaign to help migrants integrate into Irish society (Newstalk, August 2016)

Immigrant Council of Ireland launches campaign to help migrants integrate (Irish Examiner, August 2016)

Nasc to host migrant community event in Cork (Irish Legal News, July 2016)

Gardai: No surge in Islamophobia in Cork (Cork Evening Echo, July 2016)

Irish TV programme on Nasc’s Walk In Their Shoes event (IrishTV, July 2016)

Refugee Reality: FOI complaints show lunatics taking over the asylum seekers (Village Magazine, June 2016)

Irish group campaign for trapped Syrians to be reunited with families (Irish Central, June 2016)

Minister rules out amnesty for asylum seekers in direction provision (Irish Times, June 2016)

Fears over low take-up of permits for Irish fishing industry migrant workers (The Guardian, June 2016)

Asylum seekers living in Ireland more than five years should be given ‘special amnesty’ (, April 2016)

Interview on Nasc’s work & the refugee crisis (LifeFM, April 2016)

Direct provision: creating a cultural disconnect (Irish Times, April 2016)

New to the Parish: A difficult journey from Rwanda to direct provision (Irish Times, March 2016)

EU agrees Turkey deal to block migrants entering Europe (Irish Examiner, March 2016)

#RealityCheck: Why are the political parties ignoring direct provision (Newstalk, February 2016)


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