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Older Press Releases:

Nasc host its Annual Wine Tasting Fundraiser (November 2016)

Nasc host meeting to introduce new campaign to reunite families fleeing conflict (October 2016)

Nasc host One Stop Shop Event to discuss ‘Brexit’ and promote participation (July 2016)

Walk In Their Shoes to mark World Refugee Day (June 2016)

Nasc to host ‘Your Ireland, Your Vote’ Voter Registration Open Day (February 2016)

Nasc launch racist incident ‘hate map’ to mark International Human Rights Day (December 2015)

Roma Advocacy Group launches #proudtoberoma campaign (December 2015)

JOINT STATEMENT: NGOs call for the International Protection Bill to be withdrawn and reconsidered (December 2015)

Nasc deeply alarmed at Government attempt to guillotine International Protection Bill (December 2015)

JOINT STATEMENT: New legislation missed opportunity (December 2015)

Nasc hosts annual Wine Tasting Fundraiser (November 2015)

Nasc disappointment at International Protection Bill (November 2015)

Nasc welcomes Minister Coveney’s call for regularisation for undocumented fishermen (November 2015)

Transparency needed no implementation of residency scheme for asylum seekers (October 2015)

Nasc launch video documenting experience of Syrian refugee (September 2015)

Government commitments a start but we cannot forget asylum seekers in direct provision (September 2015)

Initial comments on the EU proposals to address the refugee crisis (September 2015)

Disappointment that student support scheme for asylum seeking school leavers for 1 year only (September 2015)

Enough is enough – Ireland must do more to help refugees entering Europe (September 2015)

Shocking failure to protect Walli Ullah Safi highlights problem of immigration related detention (July 2015)

Joint Statement: Government advised time to act is now on key recommendations in Working Group Report (July 2015)

Minister’s Announcement of Task Force a betrayal of asylum seekers (July 2015)

Nasc welcomes launch of hate crime legislation (July 2015)

Nasc host World Refugee Day event to welcome new Syrians to Cork (June 2015)

Nasc host annual FETAC award ceremony to celebrate Lifelong Learning Festival (March 2015)

Cork Rocks Against Racism Event for young people to mark International Day (March 2015)

Social Protection System Failing Migrants, says Report (Joint Release with FLAC, Crosscare Migrant Project, Doras Luimni) (February 2015)

International Human Rights Day Message – welcome to Syrians admitted under SHAP (December 2014)

Joint Statement on Citizenship by Nasc and Immigrant Council of Ireland (November 2014)

Initial Comments on High Court Decision on Direct Provision (November 2014)

Garda Inspectorate Report highlights urgent need for hate crime legislation (November 2014)

Nasc support Seanad Immigration Bill (October 2014)

Nasc welcomes place on Working Group (October 2014)

Citizenship process has come a long way but still needs work, say Immigrant Council and Nasc (September 2014)

Nasc comments on Minister Fitzgerald’s response to reports of prostitution in direct provision (September 2014)

Nasc to deliver anti-racism training to Gardai (September 2014)

Innovative Youth Internship Program launched by Nasc, CEIA and Atlantic philanthropies (August 2014)

#everydayracism- Nasc launches 30 days of action against racism (August 2014)

Nasc welcomes renewed government commitment to reform of direct provision (August 2014)

The State continues to defend the Direct Provision System before the High Court (July 2014)

Nasc welcomes publication of report on Roma children (July 2014)

Nasc host conference with UCD School of Law to mark World Refugee Day (June 2014)

Nasc host hustings event for migrants and asylum seekers (May 2014)

Nasc to launch report on food issue for asylum seekers in direct provision (May 2014)

Nasc welcomes new High Court challenge to direct provision (April 2014)

Cork launch of Roma photographic exhibition (April 2014)

Roma – From Heudin to Here film screening (April 2014)

Nasc presents at Justice Committee on domestic violence (February 2014)

Single procedure ‘quick fix’ for direct provision (February 2014)

Nasc FETAC students receive awards from Lord Mayor (January 2014)

Nasc in the Media:

Refugees seeking family reunification face new obstacle (Irish Times, December 2016)

Demand for Nasc services rose in 2016 (Evening Echo, December 2016)

Deprived of humanity and respect (Village Magazine, December 2016)

Visa requests from Yemen, Eritrea and Iraq most likely to fail (Irish Times, December 2016)

News in Brief: Wine Tasting Fundraiser (Irish Independent, December 2016)

Nasc to host Wine Tasting Fundraiser in Cork (Irish Legal News, November 2016)

Nasc’s Legal Officer Majo Rivas on GNIB (96FM Opinion Line, November 2016) – at 1:55

Tears of joy as Syrian parents reunited with daughter in Dublin (Irish Times, November 2016)

We can and must do more to help families fleeing conflict (Cork Independent, November 2016)

No asylum in Ireland’s education system (Irish Times, October 2016)

Interview on direct provision and the implementation of the McMahon Report (Radio Kerry, October 2016)

New campaign to help migrants integrate into Irish society (Newstalk, August 2016)

Immigrant Council of Ireland launches campaign to help migrants integrate (Irish Examiner, August 2016)

Nasc to host migrant community event in Cork (Irish Legal News, July 2016)

Gardai: No surge in Islamophobia in Cork (Cork Evening Echo, July 2016)

Irish TV programme on Nasc’s Walk In Their Shoes event (IrishTV, July 2016)

Refugee Reality: FOI complaints show lunatics taking over the asylum seekers (Village Magazine, June 2016)

Irish group campaign for trapped Syrians to be reunited with families (Irish Central, June 2016)

Minister rules out amnesty for asylum seekers in direction provision (Irish Times, June 2016)

Fears over low take-up of permits for Irish fishing industry migrant workers (The Guardian, June 2016)

Asylum seekers living in Ireland more than five years should be given ‘special amnesty’ (, April 2016)

Interview on Nasc’s work & the refugee crisis (LifeFM, April 2016)

Direct provision: creating a cultural disconnect (Irish Times, April 2016)

New to the Parish: A difficult journey from Rwanda to direct provision (Irish Times, March 2016)

EU agrees Turkey deal to block migrants entering Europe (Irish Examiner, March 2016)

#RealityCheck: Why are the political parties ignoring direct provision (Newstalk, February 2016)

Interview on International Protection Bill on The Right Hook (Newstalk, December 2015)

Council of State to test validity of asylum bill (Irish Times, December 2015)

Ireland knew about trafficked migrant fisherman in 2010 but failed to act (The Guardian, December 2015)

Bill will block reunification of refugee families, group claims (Irish Times, December 2015)

A new ‘hate map’ will document racist incidents in Ireland (The, December 2015)

Immigrant support group Nasc fears profiling at Cork Airport (Irish Examiner, November 2015)

Proposed law may see asylum seekers swiftly deported (Irish Times, December 2015)

Syrian couple abused while shopping in city (Evening Echo, November 2015)

Call for Ireland to double number of permits to protect migrant fisherman (The Guardian, November 2015)

Nasc says asylum seeker laws neglect the rights of children (Irish Examiner, November 2015)

I have freedom after 10 years (Cork Evening Echo, November 2015)

Irish fishing industry: migrant worker arrest prompts calls for protection (The Guardian, November 2015)

Interview: Senior Legal Officer Fiona Hurley on labour exploitation and trafficking in Irish fishing industry (C103FM, November 2015)

Major investigation by the Guardian lays bare ‘modern slavery’ on Irish fishing trawlers (The, November 2015)

Revealed: trafficked migrant workers abused in Irish fishing industry (The Guardian, November 2015)

Roma Community (RTE Radio 1, Today on Sean O’Rourke, October 2015)

Criticisms over implementation of granting leave to asylum seekers (RTE News, October 2015)

Direct Provision – new information (RTE Radio 1, Today on Sean O’Rourke, October 2015)

Cynicism on Direct Provision (The Village Magazine, September/October 2015)

Ireland should accept more refugees and migrants (Irish Times, September 2015)

Syrian refugees in Cork (Today on Sean O’Rourke, RTE Radio 1, September 2015)

Many other little children like Aylan says Bishop Crean (Cork Evening Echo, September 2015)

Half-white, half-Asian but no less Irish (Irish Examiner, August 2015)

Ireland praised for role in migrant crisis (CCTV America, August 2015)

Arresting people begging solves nothing (Cork Evening Echo, August 2015)

Afghan man assaulted in Cloverhill released on bail (Irish Times, August 2015)

Afghan youth traumatised by jail attack (Irish Examiner, July 2015)

Racism in Ireland (RTE Radio Today on Sean O’Rourke, July 2015)

Direct provision is a ‘generation in a type of cage’ (Irish Times, July 2015)

Interview on RedFM on racism in Cork (RedFM, July 2015)

Cork mum’s racism terror (Cork Evening Echo, July 2015)

Call for specific hate crime law amid attacks (Irish Examiner, July 2015)

Fury as immigrants suffer racist vitriol (Irish Daily Mail, July 2015)

Pressure to enact news laws on sale of sex (Irish Examiner, June 2015)

Interview on direct provision on Let’s Talk (Shannonside Radio, May 2015)

Humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean (Irish Times, April 2015)

Making Roma Rights Real in Ireland (Open Society Foundations, April 2015)

Migrants drop given names for Western versions (Irish Examiner, April 2015)

Event to celebrate Roma culture (Irish Examiner, April 2015)

Fury as racist graffiti appears in Shandon (Evening Echo, April 2015)

Sean Og O hAilpin on Nasc’s anti-racism campaign [at 45 mins](RTE Today Show, March 2015)

Nasc’s Jennifer DeWan on TV3 12:30 News [at 9:30 mins] (TV3, March 2015)

Sean Og O hAilpin and Donna Nikolaisen launch anti-racism gig (Irish Times, March 2015)

Wired FM Interview: Cork Rocks Against Racism event (Wired FM, March 2015)

Customer Service not up to standard in Social Protection offices (Cork Independent, March 2015)

Call for empathy after KRAC workers protest (The Cork News, March 2015)

Reuniting families a major part of Nasc’s work (Evening Echo, February 2015)

Staff ‘racist and abusive’ (Irish Examiner, January 2015)

Migrants suffer ‘racism and abusive language’ (UTV Ireland, January 2015)

Social welfare officer told immigrant to ‘go back home’ (Irish Times, January 2015)

Wine tasting fundraiser (Irish Examiner, December 2014)

Businesses are making money from direct provision (The, December 2014)

Citizenship ceremonies in Cork (RTE News, November 2014)

Anti-Roma violence highlights need for better online hate speech laws (Cork Independent, November 2014)

Don’t scapegoat migrants…we have a crisis! (Evening Echo, October 2014)

No evidence on Forde social housing claim (Evening Echo, October 2014)

Asylum working group criticised for including only one (former) asylum seeker (The, October 2014)

We need to make it easier to become an Irish citizen (Evening Echo, October 2014)

Lack of hate crime laws a ‘glaring anomaly’ (Irish Examiner, September 2014)

Asylum seekers forced to wait up to 10 years to be given refugee status (Irish Independent, September 2014)

African families 20 times more likely to end up in child care courts (The, September 2014)

Blockade ends (Cork Independent, September 2014)

Direct provision protest in Cork ends after 10 days (The, September 2014)

Sex trafficking victims ‘in danger of abuse’ in direct provision (The, September 2014)

Human traffickers ‘living in asylum centres’ (Irish Independent, September 2014)

New laws will see asylum seekers spend less time in direct provision (The, September 2014)

Seeking asylum: what lies behind closed doors (University Observer, September 2014)

Asylum seekers continue protest (Cork Independent, September 2014)

Exposed: the squalid conditions where asylum seekers are forced to live for years on end (Irish Daily Mirror, September 2014)

State told of tensions at asylum centre last month (Irish Examiner, September 2014)

ICT Youth Intern Programme launched (Cork Independent, September 2014)

Cork pilots anti-racism training for gardai (Cork Independent, September 2014)

Anti-racism training for gardai (Irish Examiner, September 2014)

Everyday racism video shows young people affected by it and who are committed to tackling racism (Irish Daily Mirror, September 2014)

Cork leads the way in anti-racism drive (Cork Independent, September 2014)

Social inclusion groups join forces (Cork Independent, September 2014)

Community and voluntary groups unite for social justice (Irish Examiner, September 2014)

Impact of racism revealed by social media campaign (Irish Examiner, September 2014)

Prostitution within direct provision centres (RTE 1 Today with Sean O’Rourke, September 2014)

#Everydayracism campaign launched in Cork (Irish Independent, September 2014)

The government is going to review the way Ireland treats asylum seekers (The, August 2014)

Should cooking be a human right? (The Guardian, August 2014)

Happy 14th Birthday Direct Provision (The, August 2014)

Food rules slammed as degrading (Evening Echo, July 2014)

Facebook, Sky fight laws over internet regulation (Irish Examiner, June 2014)

Children seeking asylum in Ireland (RTE Radio, June 2014)

High Court facing 4 1/2 year asylum case backlog, conference hears (Irish Times, June 2014

Asylum seekers deserve the right to cook for themselves (Irish Examiner, May 2014)

Cork candidates to attend meet and greet with asylum seekers (The, May 2014)

Ban on canvassing in direct provision centres criticised (Cork Independent, May 2014)

Call for ban on canvassing in migrant centres for be lifted (Irish Examiner, May 2014)

Asylum system urgently in need of reform (Evening Echo, May 2014)

Centres a stain on human rights (Evening Echo, May 2014)

What’s food got to do with it? (Cork News, May 2014)

Alarming rise in ‘hate crimes’ over race or religion (Irish Independent, May 2014)

Looking beyond the stereotypes of Roma in Ireland (Cork Independent, April 2014)

Behind the news: ‘Sarah’, political refugee (Irish Times, April 2014)

Huge legal setbacks for migrant victms of domestic violence (Evening Echo, March 2014)