Discrimination highest against immigrants and ethnic minorities in Ireland

Sun, July 31, 2011

People who describe their ethnicity as “non-white” experience the highest levels of discrimination here, at 29%, according to a recent survey by the Central Stastics Office. Likewise race, at 22%, was the most common ground identified by those who had experienced discrimination. The report also showed that young people, the unemployed, immigrants and those with non-white ethnic backgrounds are the least likely to report discrimination.

The results of the CSO survey are similar to the results of a survey conducted by Nasc and the Cork City Integration Strategy steering group in Cork last year. The CSO survey demonstrates that those with the least knowledge of their rights are the least likely to report discrimination. Both the Cork-based survey and the CSO report indicate that immigrants and members of ethnic minorities are among those with the least knowledge about their rights.

You can find information about equality and your rights in Ireland (in several languages) on the Equality Authority’s website, or pick up one of the Authority’s useful pamphlets at Nasc or your local Citizens’ Information Centre.

If you have experienced racial discrimination, you can find out what action you can take by contacting Nasc at 021 4317411. Further information about reporting racist incidents can be found here.