Direct Provision Questionnaire

Wed, August 31, 2016


Direct Provision Questionnaire

In June 2016, Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald stated that the Government had implemented 91 of the 173 recommendations of the Working Group on the Protection Process and Direct Provision (the ‘McMahon Report’), and has committed to implementing the remainder (bar the right to work) in the near future.

Nasc are conducting a brief survey to get feedback from residents on what, if anything, has changed in the conditions in direct provision centres in the last year.

If you are currently a resident of direct provision, please help us by filling out the questionnaire here:

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You can also download a paper version of the questionnaire here. If you complete a paper version, please drop it in to us or post it to: Nasc, Ferry Lane, Cork.

Please help us gather information by sharing widely.  Thank you for your help!