For immediate release: Nasc welcomes commitment from Minister Stanton that ‘no one will be made homeless’

Fri, September 22, 2017

Nasc would like to welcome the commitment made by Minister David Stanton on RTÉ Drivetime last evening, that no asylum seeker on a deportation order would be made homeless as a result of the letters being issued by the Department of Justice.

“While we still remain highly alarmed by the apparent seismic shift in policy by the Reception and Integration Agency in the provision of accommodation to asylum seekers on deportation orders, we are very happy to hear that the Department will not in fact be making anyone homeless,” comments Nasc CEO Fiona Finn.

“For the last 17 years, the Department of Justice has provided accommodation for people from the point they apply for asylum, until such time as a person has been granted a residency permission, has left the country voluntarily or has been removed by the State,” continues Ms. Finn. “This is RIA’s own stated remit, for example in its 2010 Value for Money Report.”

“The Department cannot, all of sudden, decide it no longer has a duty of care to this cohort of people, without providing some viable and durable alternative solutions,” continues Ms. Finn

“We are now asking the Department to clarify, is this a permanent change in policy, and if so, will it also be extended to families and children on deportation orders?  In addition, what are the Department’s plans for people on deportation orders – including families and children – that cannot for whatever reasons return to their country of origin?  This includes people who are currently homeless and seeking readmission into direct provision,” Ms. Finn finishes.


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