Request for bike and laptop donations

Fri, October 7, 2016

Seeking bike and laptop donations!

Seeking bike and laptop donations!

A few weeks ago, we put up a post on our social media looking for the donation of a bike to one of the young asylum seekers we are supporting in accessing higher education.

A huge thank you to Karen for donating a bike with all the essential equipment so one young person in direct provision is able to cycle safely to their course at CIT every day.

Now we are looking for more! Several young people we are supporting in accessing education are looking for bikes to get them from direct provision centres to their courses because they cannot pay the bus fares. Others are seeking laptops to help them with their assignments.

If you have a spare bike or laptop – in relatively good condition – please help young people who are currently living in limbo.  With only €19.10 a week to live on, and high fees for courses, young adults in direct provision have huge difficulties accessing higher education and training to build their futures.  Please contact or ring (021) 450 3462 if you would like to make a donation.