Good News Friday

Fri, January 25, 2019

Jvan with Nasc Legal Officer Majo Rivas

Decisions from the first round of applications under the Irish Refugee Protection Programme Humanitarian Admission Programme (IHAP) have begun to issue, and several of our clients have had the great news that they will soon be reunited with family members living in conflict zones.

So far, 8 Nasc clients have had grants for family members, including:

– 3 grants for Syrian nationals comprising of 9 beneficiaries

– 1 grant for Somalia – 1 beneficiary

– 2 grants for Democratic Republic of Congo – 4 beneficiaries

– 1 grant for Eritrea – 1 beneficiary

– 1 grant for Afghanistan – 5 beneficiaries

There are still a number of applications outstanding as well.

The Minister for Justice and Equality recently provided a breakdown of the total number of IHAP grants to date in answer to a Parliamentary Question from Deputy Catherine Connolly, which shows that 82 applications have been successful overall for 141 beneficiaries.  You can view the full PQ here.

Our sincere and heartfelt congratulations to families who have had good news.  We can’t wait to meet your family members when they arrive!

To those of our clients who have received negative decisions, we share your sadness and disappointment, and encourage you to submit a new application under the second call, which is now open until 8th February 2019.  For more information about the application process, come into our Free Walk In Service or visit INIS’ IHAP page here.

Jvan’s Story

Jvan is a refugee from Syria. He fled Syria when he was 17, but by the time he arrived to Ireland (via Greece) he was over 18 and had no right to apply for family reunification under the International Protection Act, 2015.

Nasc assisted Jvan with putting together an IHAP application for his parents, his two minor brothers (13 and 16), and his sister (23), all of whom are currently in Syria, near the Turkish border. He gathered all the documents and secured accommodation for his family, and thankfully Jvan’s application was successful.

Jvan is continuing with his education in Cork and looking forward to having his family here with him.

Congratulations to Jvan and everyone who has had good news on their IHAP applications!