Nasc condemns EU-Turkey deal as ineffective and unsound

Fri, March 18, 2016

NascLogoNewNasc is deeply concerned at the proposed EU-Turkey deal currently being discussed by EU leaders at the European Council this week.

Nasc CEO Fiona Finn states:

“This deal is skewed from the very start. Instead of embracing our moral and legal obligation to protect people’s fundamental human rights and dignity, EU leaders seem to be embracing moral panic.”

“This deal, if agreed to, could catastrophically backfire on Europe. There are several aspects to the current proposals on the table, including the collective expulsion of refugees and questions around Turkey’s suitability in the context of its current asylum regime, which are extremely worrying. The deal is potentially illegal and will not be effective in helping Europe tackle the current humanitarian situation we currently are facing.”

“We are calling on Irish leaders at the EU Summit not back the proposed deal. They must take, as President Higgins has stated, political and moral leadership that is courageous and farsighted, based on human rights and accepting moral and ethical obligations.”

“In an open letter to Minister with Special Responsibility for European Affairs Dara Murphy, Nasc have provided a set of possible alternatives which includes issuing of humanitarian visas, a scheme proposed by MEPS in the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee of the European Parliament. This will ensure a focus on safe and legal migration channels, which will provide a more effective, morally sound and sustainable solution to the unprecedented human tragedy now unfolding on Europe’s doorstep.”

Nasc’s letter to Minister Murphy is available here, which outlines our alternative recommendations.

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