Nasc’s new video ‘Ibrahim – A family reunification story’

Wed, June 21, 2017

For World Refugee Week 2017, Nasc are releasing a powerful and emotional new video of a man’s struggle to be reunited with his family.

Ibrahim – A Family Reunification Story

Ibrahim – A family reunification story from Nasc Ireland on Vimeo.

Ibrahim arrived in Ireland to work as a barber in 2009. In 2013, with the escalation of civil war in Syria, Ibrahim applied for asylum in Ireland and was recognised as a refugee.

Ibrahim’s two parents, two brothers and sister were still living in Syria, in a city which was badly affected by the war. After receiving refugee status, Ibrahim came to Nasc for help to apply for family reunification for his family members still in Syria.

In June 2014, Ibrahim applied for family reunification for members of his family. The application was refused. In August 2015, after gathering additional documentation, Ibrahim applied again. This application was also refused. In January 2016, Ibrahim made a third application and this application was granted. In January 2017, Ibrahim’s family arrived in Ireland.

With the commencement of the International Protection Act on 31st December 2016, Ibrahim and refugees like him no longer have the right to bring parents or siblings to safety. Humanitarian admission is urgently needed to help families like Ibrahim’s, who have been torn apart by war and persecution.

Support Safe Passage to reunite families fleeing conflict.

The film was directed by Brian Cronin, and produced with the generous support of the Association of Leaders of Missionaries & Religious of Ireland. Thanks to Mick Flannery for the use of his song ‘If I Go On’. Special thanks to Ibrahim and his family for agreeing to share their story.