Take Action Now for Safe Passage!

Wed, September 27, 2017

Dail Debate 28th September 2017

Tomorrow (Thursday) evening, there will be an important debate in the Dail on the Refugee Crisis during Private Members Time.

As you know, Nasc have long called for the introduction of a humanitarian admission scheme – SAFE PASSAGE – to give people living here in Ireland, either naturalised Irish citizens or legally resident refugees and migrants, the opportunity to sponsor and bring family members who are currently displaced or in conflict zones here to safety.

We presented our proposal to the Justice Committee, who unanimously supported and endorsed our proposal.  The Justice Committee Report is available here.

We need your help!

We are looking for your help to make sure TDs are in attendance at the debate and supporting our call for ‘Safe Passage’ to reunite families fleeing conflict.

PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW! Click here to get contact details for your TDs. Please send them an email and give them a ring and ask them to attend the debate tomorrow night and support the call for Safe Passage!

We will be in the Gallery for the debate, along with several Syrian families who tried but failed to bring family members here from Syria and for them this scheme would be provide a lifeline for family members left behind.

– The Nasc team