Nasc host Roma event to mark International Day of the Roma

Tue, April 4, 2017

To mark the International Day of the Roma, Nasc will be hosting an event to promote the political and civic participation of the Roma community in Cork. The event will be held in Nasc’s event room on Ferry Lane, Cork this Friday 7th April from 11 AM to 4 PM.

The event, called Roma Participate!, will offer information, advice and support to members of the Roma community on a range of issues including: applying for citizenship and passports; registering to vote; accessing social welfare, housing and medical cards; and other key areas. Interpreters will be available on the day. More details about the event are available HERE.

Participate! Project Co-Ordinator Jennifer DeWan comments:

“This is a community that can be extremely marginalised in accessing even the most basic services and supports that they are entitled to as EU or Irish citizens. Providing opportunities for members of the Roma community to access these basic rights means they will be in a better position to participate in Irish society and integrate more successfully into Irish life. Participation is the key to integration.”

Participants from a range of organisations across the city will also be available on the day to provide information and advice to members of the Roma community, including: Cork City Council (Social Inclusion), Cork City Partnership, New Communities Partnership, Cork Citizens Information Centre, Threshold and Cork Traveller Visibility Group.

International Day of the Roma is annually held on 8th April, to celebrate Roma culture and raise awareness of the issues facing Roma people. Nasc’s Roma Participate! event will mark the International Day, with an array of food cooked by members of the Roma community and a showing of the ‘Roma – One People, Many Lives’ photo exhibition. This exhibition was developed in collaboration with the former Equality Authority and Pavee Point in 2014 to counter common stereotypes about the Roma community.

Roma Participate! forms part of Nasc’s ‘Participate!’ project, which is a collaborative project to promote greater participation and integration of migrant communities in Ireland. As part of the Participate! project, Nasc and the Immigrant Council of Ireland will be working with migrant and community groups throughout the country to host events and stalls designed to provide information about aspects of political and civic participation. Participate! is part of a larger joint EU project, which includes several partners including Migration Policy Group, Migrant Rights Network (UK) and Objectif (Belgium).

The project is funded by the Rights, Equality & Citizenship (REC) Programme of the European Union and by the Open Society Foundation.

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