Social Housing (Archive)

Early in 2011, it came to our attention that legal residents from outside of Europe were being routinely refused access to social housing. We identified a pattern of widespread discrimination emanating from a discriminatory circular that had been issued to Local Authorities charged with assessing applications for Social Protection. Throughout 2011, we worked in various ways to challenge it. In January 2012, we were delighted to learn that the Department of the Environment had issued revised – and much fairer – guidelines to the Local Authorities.

Nasc continue to be concerned that Local Authorities are not applying the guidelines consistently.  The Legal Service has intervened in several individual cases since the introduction of the circular.

If you have any questions about your eligibility for social housing – or if you are told that you are not eligible for social housing – please contact our Free Legal Service.

If you are interested in how this successful advocacy campaign unfolded, click here.

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