Family Reunification Success Stories

Fri, August 18, 2017

One of the core areas of Nasc’s work has always been family reunification.

We work with countless families, some who are refugees entitled to refugee family reunification, and some who are migrants, who are looking to bring family members to join them here in Ireland from all corners of the globe.

We have highlighted the difficulties families face and called for improvements in both protection and immigration laws and policies, to make it easier for families to be reunited.

This work has become even more critical in the current global humanitarian crisis, where people are separated from loved ones because of conflict, persecution, and displacement.

Since October of 2016, Nasc have supported 34 successful refugee family reunification applications.

All 34 of these applications were submitted prior to the change in family reunification rights for refugees under the new International Protection Act, so many include extended family members who would no longer be eligible under the new Act.

We are overjoyed for our clients, that they have or will be shortly welcoming family members here.  We often hear from clients that they do not feel like they can properly settle into living in Ireland, until they have their family members with them. Now you can finally feel at home.

We also have to praise our amazing Legal Team here in Nasc, which includes staff and volunteers, who work tirelessly supporting clients in collecting the required documentation, and submitting very time consuming applications.  They continue to support people once a family reunification has been granted, in applying for visas and sorting out travel documents. They have done amazing work to bring so many families together.


For a glimpse of what it like to be reunited with your family after years of separation, watch Ibrahim’s story:

Ibrahim – A Family Reunification Story

Ibrahim – A family reunification story from Nasc Ireland on Vimeo.