Important Reminder for People in the Protection Process

Fri, August 11, 2017

This is a very important reminder for all asylum seekers who have recently submitted a new questionnaire, under the International Protection Act, 2015.

Under the new Act, refugee status, subsidiary protection and permission to remain will all be examined together in the same process. It is therefore very important for all applicants to include information that would support and be relevant to your application for Permission to Remain when completing the questionnaire.

All relevant and additional information must be submitted before the examination of your application has concluded. Except in very limited circumstances, you will not be contacted by the International Protection Office (IPO) and invited to submit additional information or changes in your circumstances that support your application for Permission to Remain, if you have not been granted a protection status.

The nature and type of information could include:

  • Any changes to your personal or family circumstances;
  • Humanitarian considerations you would like to highlight;
  • Information that shows your connection to Ireland, for example evidence of courses taken, voluntary work, family or community links

Unlike the old system you will not be invited to make a separate application for Permission to Remain and it is up to you keep the Minister for Justice and the IPO informed on an ongoing basis of any factors that you think may be relevant to your claim.

We suggest you send any relevant documents to the IPO as soon as possible.  We have drafted a template letter that you can download HERE to use when communicating with the IPO about any materials you are sending.  We advise you to send a copy of any information to your solicitor as well.

If you are not sure what types of information to send, please contact your solicitor.