Nasc Warmly Welcomes Announcement of Right to Work

Wed, June 27, 2018


Nasc warmly welcomes the newly announced Right to Work for Asylum Seekers.

Today the Minister for Justice and Equality, Minister Charlie Flanagan and Minister David Stanton announced the long-awaited Right to Work for asylum seekers as part of Ireland’s opt in to the Recast Reception Conditions Directive (2013). We warmly the terms of access which will enable asylum seekers, for the first time in almost two decades, to access the labour market on favourable terms.

Nasc CEO Fiona Finn stated “Nasc, partner NGOs and asylum Seekers have been at the forefront of a long the campaign for an effective right to work for asylum seekers. Today it has finally come to pass.”

Under the scheme announced today all sectors of employment with the exception of the Public Service and Gardai are open to asylum seekers.

“We are delighted that the right to work is no longer governed by the Employment Permits system, as this proved to be unworkable for asylum seekers. We also welcome the fact that the earnings requirement, fees for applicants and the ineligible employment categories have all been removed. These were some of Nasc’s key asks.”

“Asylum seekers up and down the country have been waiting in anticipation for today’s announcement, which we believe, demonstrates the State’s commitment to treat asylum seekers with dignity and respect. Asylum seekers will have a number of additional rights as provided for in the Directive, including a vulnerability assessment and consideration of the best interests of the child principle for all children in the asylum process. For the first time since its inception, Direct Provision will be on a statutory footing” continues Ms. Finn.

“It has been shown in other jurisdictions that access to the labour market improves integration and social inclusion and is economically beneficial for the state. Today’s announcement is a far cry from the Ireland that, for decades, failed to heed the voices of asylum seekers seeking the most basic of rights. We look forward to working with asylum seekers to ensure these newly announced rights are realised in full”. Ms. Finn concludes.


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