‘One Thing’ Art Project for World Refugee Day

Wed, June 7, 2017

If you had to flee your home, what is the one thing you would bring with you?

Millions of people are currently displaced around the globe — refugee life is their new reality, filled with heartbreak and challenges. Some end up in refugee camps, waiting for an opportunity to find safety.  Others now live in host communities throughout the world.  Many had to run from their houses with only the few personal items they could carry.

We are asking people to contribute pictures, ideas, words that describe the ‘one thing’ that you would bring with you if you were forced to flee due to violence or persecution. We will be displaying the images as part of our week of events to mark World Refugee Week 2017 (19th – 23rd June).

If you would like to contribute, please send images/words/ideas to events@nascireland.org or post them to Nasc’s Facebook page.

More details about the project – and about our events to mark World Refugee Week – HERE and HERE!