Guest Post: Nasc’s impact on our youth

Thu, December 11, 2014

The following guest post was written by Dollar Salami, a Transition Year Student who did her work experience with us here in Nasc in November 2014.  Huge thanks to Dollar for all of her help and especially for the lovely words!

Nasc is a non-governmental organisation which deals with immigrants, asylum seekers and tackles the issue of racism. This organisation also deals with many more topics.

Speaking as a member of today’s youth, I along with many others have an access to internet and social sites such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine. It is on sites such as these that the majority of racism attacks are carried out. We see the post, tweet, picture or video and simply scroll onto the next one on our news feed, without reporting or trying to put an end to the abuse.

If we continue to carry on like this the rates will only increase. Why let hatred prevail when we can make an impact today? I believe that the more people are aware of this issue the higher the chances are of abolishing racism.

Nasc can achieve great success with the help of the general public. If anyone has witnessed or has been a victim of racial abuse, Nasc can provide aid and support in order to combat racism. Our job as people is to report such incidents and not to walk pass and ignore such cruelty.

People are oblivious to facilities such as Nasc, the Guards also deal with racist attacks. They are also another option. If this can be dealt with at a young age, it cannot grow. Racism is not born, it is taught. If our youth and society can comprehend that we are all equal racism would not be an issue.

I didn’t know how much Nasc contributed to immigrants until I did my work experience there for two weeks and I must say if it were not for an organisation such as this I wonder what the majority of immigrants in Ireland would have done. Nasc genuinely has the friendliest staff I’ve ever met. They are also eager to help when needed.

Dollar Salami

To report a racist incident to Nasc, email, ring (021) 450 3462 or call into our office on Ferry Lane, off Dominick Street, Cork.