Information on Residency Scheme for Long-Stayer Asylum Seekers (5+ years)

Wed, February 3, 2016

Over the past few months Nasc has gotten a huge number of queries from long-stayers in direct provision seeking support in accessing residence.

If you are contacting Nasc about your case, please have the following information available:

  1. Name:
  2. Address:
  3. Phone Number:
  4. Legacy Ref.: 69/
  5. Person ID:
  6. Nationality:
  7. When did you apply for asylum?
  8. Have you continuously resided in Ireland since you applied for asylum?
  9. Family Members in Ireland and reference numbers (69/ or Person ID):
  10. Do you have a deportation order? If yes when?
  11. If you have a deportation order have you signed every month at the Garda Station? If no, detail period when you did not sign and why?
  12. Have you always lived in direct provision? If no, can you prove where you were when not in direct provision?
  13. Is there a judicial review pending in High Court?
  14. What is the last decision that was made on your case?
  15. Have you committed any offences or come to the attention of the Gardai?
  16. Do you have an original passport or other identity document containing your correct personal details? If no, can you get one?

You can contact Nasc by attending our walk-in service and our legal team will be able to assess your case and provide you with information during your consultation. (Please note our limited availability and opening hours – available here on our website.)

If you cannot attend Nasc in person, you can contact Nasc on 021 450 3462 and leave a message for Mariam. Due to the high volume of queries we receive by phone, we ask for your patience in responding to your call. Your call will be returned before the end of each week and Mariam will take your details from you.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are currently 5+ years in the system but you have a Judicial Review case pending, DO NOT WITHDRAW YOUR CASE until you have received legal advice.