Nasc comments on change in RIA policy on election leaflets

Thu, May 15, 2014

Nasc cautiously welcomes the slight reversal in the Reception and Integration Agency’s (RIA) policy which permits candidates to drop off election material to the Direct Provision Centres. The new policy circular issued by RIA is outlined in detail on Human Rights in Ireland Blog here.

RIA have stopped short of allowing canvassing in the centres. We continue to be concerned that the ban on canvassing essentially remains in place. It has to be noted that the Direct Provision Centres are the homes of asylum seekers whilst they are awaiting an outcome of their application.

Nasc contacted the Reception and Integration Agency on foot of our conversation with the Sinn Fein candidate Donnchadh O’Laoghaire. who was prevented access to voters in the Kinsale Road Accommodation Centre in Cork. In our communication with RIA we outlined our concerns and called for an immediate removal of the ban.

We hope that the Reception and Integration Agency will take the next step by immediately reversing the ban and restoring fill democratic rights to Asylum Seekers in the final days of the election.