Nasc host week of events to raise awareness of plight of refugees

Fri, June 16, 2017

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16 June 2017

Nasc is hosting a series of events to mark World Refugee Week (19th – 23rd June 2017), to raise awareness of the plight of displaced people in the midst of the largest humanitarian crisis the world has witnessed since the end of the Second World War.

The main event will be on Tuesday 20th June from 11am – 1pm in Nasc, to promote Nasc’s Safe Passage Campaign calling for humanitarian admission to help reunite families fleeing conflict.

The event will be chaired by Dr. Dug Cubie, UCC Law Professor and Nasc Board Member. Senator Colette Kelleher will be speaking, along with refugees who are seeking to bring family members to Ireland.

During the event, Nasc will also be pre-screening a new video ‘Ibrahim’, which tells the story of a Syrian man’s attempts to bring his family to Ireland. It is a powerful story of family and hope, which will be officially launched online the following day, 21st June.

For the whole week, Nasc will be hosting a UNHCR refugee tent, kindly provided by UNHCR Ireland, where visitors can experience the type of temporary shelter refugees live in in UNHCR camps around the globe. The tent will be on display in Nasc’s front garden.

Inside the tent, Nasc will be exhibiting ‘One Thing’ – where people are asked to contribute an image or words to describe the one thing they would bring with them if they were forced to flee their home due to violence and persecution.

“World Refugee Week is time to call attention to the plight of refugees, asylum seekers and all displaced people around the world,” states Nasc CEO Fiona Finn.

“It is also an opportunity to honour the bravery and courage of those fleeing conflict, and the contribution they make to Irish society.”

“We are currently living through the largest humanitarian crisis since the end of World War II and this simple fact cannot be disregarded. People – including children – are dying every single day as a result of conflict in every corner of the globe. Thousands are dying trying to cross the Mediterranean to seek safety in Europe.”

“We can and must do more to provide sanctuary for families fleeing violence and persecution. One clear way is to support Nasc’s Safe Passage campaign, to introduce humanitarian admission to reunite families fleeing conflict,” finishes Ms. Finn

All are welcome to Nasc’s week of events to mark World Refugee Week.

Some additional information about Nasc’s World Refugee Week events is available here:


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