Nasc is raising college funds for young asylum seekers

Mon, September 10, 2018

Nasc’s Connect Project is seeking your support for funds that will make a difference in young asylum seekers’ lives today. We would like to give young people that are seeking asylum an opportunity to excel in their lives and integrate in their community through accessing post leaving cert (PLC) education.

“I really appreciate all the support we are getting the time like this where we are far away from our families and we are incapable of supporting ourselves and it’s really unbelievable to see that good people exist in the world and humanity is real.”

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Why donate?

Education is a necessity in people’s lives. It means a lot to those who have not had the opportunity to access college or have had to leave their course in their home country, due to war, conflict or fear of persecution. We are asking for your help, as the people living in Direct Provision are often not able to afford to pay for PLC courses due to their status in the country. They are given €21.60 per week, which isn’t very helpful considering that PLC college fees are at least €3,600 per course for non-EU students.

Quotes from people in the Connect Project:

“I am an asylum seeker from a war-torn society in Somalia. I came here to seek protection and peace. I have no idea where my family is at the moment since I left my country and I am not in contact with them. I still do not know what will happen in my future. I try to keep busy so that I don’t feel down, but this is difficult sometimes. I was very disappointed when I couldn’t finish Medical School, so I really want to keep working towards any medical or science related courses”.

“I am a 21 year old asylum seeker and have been living in Ireland for the past 3 years. I come from Malawi, and as a member of the LGBT community I was assaulted and discriminated against in my home country. I came here to seek safety. I was transferred to a new Direct Provision Centre recently at very short notice which further disrupted my life and education. I have a passion for computers and software development and would like to work in the IT industry in Ireland. A QQI Level 5 course would be another step up in my education progression.

About Nasc’s Connect Project

Nasc’s Connect Project helps young people from ages 14-23 years with issues like accessing education, employment, improving their mental health and wellbeing and getting a secure immigration status. We support young asylum seekers living in direct provision and young people in Care and Aftercare services. Find out more about Nasc on our website –

The Details

Cost breakdown; one student’s college fees for a standard PLC course is €3,600.

Our goal is to raise enough for at least one student to be able to go to college this September.