Nasc makes submission to OPMI on new Migrant Integration Policy

Fri, May 16, 2014

Last week, Nasc made a submission to the Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration making recommendations on the development of a new National Migrant Integration Policy.

Key recommendations in our submission included:

  • Promoting participation through ongoing consultations with migrant communities and the establishment of a National Migrant Forum;
  • A commitment to tackling racism through the establishment of a new National Action Plan, the introduction of hate crime legislation, the promotion of racist reporting, and legislation to prevent ethnic profiling;
  • Nationally led coordination and monitoring of local integration strategies to ensure they are effectively implemented
  • Access to justice, services and effective remedies in immigration through the introduction of the Immigration Residence and Protection Bill;
  • Access to employment, for example through the introduction of sectoral work permits scheme,
  • Access to education and training, including English language training and access to interpretation and translation services;
  • The immediate implementation of legislation effecting the new Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission and the new Workplace Relations Commission; and effective support and resourcing of these bodies to show the State’s commitment to promoting equality.

To read our submission, click here.

We are eager to see the publication of a new National Integration Policy, as the last policy document, Migration Nation, was published in 2008. Much has changed in Ireland since 2008 and Nasc and other migrant and human rights organisations have long been calling for the development of an up-to-date policy that reflects the changed environment for migrants living in Ireland.