Nasc Report Launch: Immigration Related Detention Revisited 13th March 2018

Mon, February 26, 2018

Nasc will be launching a new report:

Immigration Detention and Border Control in Ireland:

Revisiting Irish Law, Policy and Practice

When: Tuesday 13th March 2018

11 AM – 1 PM

Where: St Peter’s Cork

North Main Street, Cork City


Guest Speakers Include: 

Mark Kelly, International Human Rights Lawyer and author of Immigration Related Detention in Ireland (2005); Deirdre Malone, Executive Director of the Irish Penal Reform Trust; and Karin Wieland, whose fomer au pair Paloma was refused leave to land and detained last summer when attempting to visit the Wieland family.

13 years on from international human rights lawyer Mark Kelly’s seminal work on immigration related detention in Ireland, we explore the current situation from a legal and evidence-based perspective. We examine the two overlapping areas of immigration related detention and border control, in particular refusals of leave to land.  What legal provisions exist to ensure people’s human rights are protected, and what is happening on the ground in Irish prisons, Garda stations and ports of entry for people being detained for immigration related reasons?  The report is based on two years of legal, desk-based, statistical and ethnographic research.

Report will be available on the day of the launch.  All are welcome.