“Stop. See racism. Stand up” – Nasc launches #EverydayRacism campaign video

Tue, September 9, 2014

IMG_1899“Stop. See racism. Stand up” is the central message of a new anti-racism video Nasc is launching today as part of the ‘#EverydayRacism – 30 Days Of Action’ campaign.

The video was created by Nasc’s Anti-Racism Youth Group in collaboration with advocacy filmmaker Sam Whelan-Curtin and aims to create awareness of the everyday experiences of racism, the emotional impact that is has, and to encourage people to report racist incidents to Nasc.

The Anti-Racism Youth Group was put together by Nasc in June 2014 and is made up of a group of young adults from a diverse range of backgrounds who are committed to tackling racism. The group has worked with Nasc and a number of guest speakers in an effort to explore and address the issue of everyday racism in Ireland. In particular, the group examined the emotional costs of racial discrimination, as many of the group had been direct victims of racism or had witnessed it.

The group wanted to highlight that racism comes in many forms and that the first step in tackling the issue is realising that we all have a social and moral responsibility to challenge it.

Kevin O’Leary, Nasc’s Racist Reporting Officer, who worked directly with the Anti-racism Youth Group comments:

“I am deeply impressed by the levels of honesty and commitment that was brought to this project and I strongly believe that the end result video is a testament to the groups openness and awareness surrounding issues of racism”.

“I hope this video succeeds in challenging people to think about the detrimental impact racist comments and language have on the victims as well as our society as a whole.”

Nasc would like to congratulate and thank all members of the Youth Group who contributed to this fantastic video.

Check out the Video here: