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Nasc Mission Statement

Enable migrants and ethnic minorities to access justice and human rights and work to achieve a just, inclusive and equal society.

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Person or Number? 2: A Second Examination of Issues faced by Immigrants Accessing Social Protection

2015 Person or Number 2: A Second Examination of Issues faced by Immigrants Accessing Social Protection is a follow on to the 2012 report, Person or Number. Person or Number? 2 was jointly compiled by Nasc, Crosscare Migrant Project, FLAC, Doras... (more...)

What’s Food Got to Do With It? Food Experiences of Asylum Seekers in Direct Provision

2014 ‘What’s Food Got To Do With It? Food Experiences of Asylum Seekers in Direct Provision is based on a qualitative research study that was undertaken with the aim of gaining greater understanding of the lived reality and food... (more...)

In From the Margins – Roma in Ireland

2013 In From the Margins – Roma in Ireland: Addressing the Structural Discrimination of the Roma Community in Ireland is a comprehensive and groundbreaking examination of the discrimination the Roma community experiences living in Ireland.... (more...)

Stop the Silence: A Snapshot of Racism in Cork

2012 Stop the Silence: A Snapshot of Racism in Cork was compiled by our Racist Reporting Office Simon Prim based on Nasc’s racist reporting mechanism, a third party mechanism designed to give victims and witnesses the opportunity to report... (more...)

Latest News

Nasc launch video documenting experience of Syrian refugee

15 September 2015

Nasc has launched a short video to highlight the experience of a Syrian refugee who has made his way to Ireland. The video ‘The Last Hope: A Story from Inside Syria’ is a true story. It aims to raise awareness about the plight of refugees and asylum seekers who come to Ireland for protection. Nasc... more>>

Government commitments are a start but we cannot forget asylum seekers in direct provision

10 September 2015

Nasc welcomes the commitments made by the Cabinet this morning to accept additional refugees and asylum seekers under relocation and resettlement programmes. The commitment to taking 4,000 people is a significant increase from previous announcements, and is certainly a start in responding to the global... more>>

Nasc Initial Comments on the E.U. Proposals to Address the Refugee Crisis

9 September 2015

Nasc broadly welcomes the package of proposals announced today by the European Commission to deal with the current refugee crisis in Europe. Commission president Jean Claude-Juncker delivered a state of the European Union address seeking solidarity in the relocation of 160,000 displaced persons, mainly... more>>

Nasc Press Release: Disappointment that the student support scheme for asylum seeking school leavers may be for 1 year only

8 September 2015

Nasc welcomes the publication of the details of the student support scheme to grant school leavers equality of access to third level education which was published in full by the Department Of Employment and Jobs on 02 September. However, we remain deeply concerned that this scheme is now termed a “Pilot... more>>

The refugee crisis – what can you do to help?

4 September 2015

Many people have been in contact with us asking what they can do to help show their support for refugees entering Europe. If you are interested in making a difference and feel like you don’t know what to do, here are a few suggestions to get you started: 1. Want Ireland to take more refugees? Write,... more>>

Nasc Press Release: Enough is enough – Ireland must do more to help refugees entering Europe

3 September 2015

For immediate release Nasc is strongly urging the Irish government and the Irish people to step up to the most significant test of our values and our humanity the world has witnessed since the end of the Second World War. Ireland must step up and play our part in offering sanctuary and protection to... more>>